Its the first of the month, and you just died a sudden, painful death!

Its a death that reoccurs every few weeks. One that never ceases, because as a consumer, you do just that everyday, consume. Therefore, if you utilize someone else’s “resources” you are indebted to this resource giver every month and your due diligence must be paid to enjoy the comforts of this world.

As I write this blog article my rent is due, my light bill is past due and my internet/phone bill has a significant balance. I work five days a week and yet it is nothing near sufficient to pay those bills in full every four weeks.

I have been in this situation for just a few short months, and it has made my efforts feel purposeless and my long, hard hours working for someone else futile.

Can you imagine working 40+ hours a week, depriving yourself of time with your family, giving up a social life, and running your body into the ground and at the end of the week you can barely make ends meet your whole life? That is the reality for millions of people right this moment.

This is no way to live! It is the most demotivating, uninspiring and debilitating feeling you could ever have when all your sustainable efforts of trying to provide your basic hierarchy of needs for yourself and family is in vain.

At the end of the day everyone cannot be Entrepreneurs or creators. Someone has to do the little jobs. However, do not waste your entire life living paycheck to paycheck making someone else’s dream come true and at month’s end you are left struggling to survive.

You were not placed on this earth to simply consume and pay dues to someone for services rendered. I am sure your purpose is much greater than that (but it might also not be the case), and you should refuse to think otherwise also.

Find ways to create active and passive income (making money while you sleep) that will offer you a fulfilling and passion filled life. Do not force yourself to die a sudden, painful death every month when you check that mailbox.

Make life work for you and not the other way round. Start working smarter, not harder.

Do you simply live to pay bills every month?

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One Love,

Dave Anthony

Posted by:Dave Anthony

I am a Jamaican born Entrepreneur living in the United States. Adventurous, writer, weird, down to earth. Here I write about interesting stuff that educates, thrills and influences.

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