What is growing up?

Is it reaching a certain level of societal adulthood in which you manage life’s responsibilities?

Is it learning from your mistakes?

Is it gaining a deeper level and understanding of spirituality?

Whatever it is, I still have not grown up!

I was told this recently, and through deep introspection, I have come to the realization that its true.

I make silly financial and life changing mistakes, I frequently act without thinking, and the list goes on. Whatever growing up is, this individual is still a very far way from reaching the crossing line. My financial freedom is still a figment of my imagination, despite having experience running a business. I have just barely opened up to the endless possibilities of spiritual enlightenment, and I still have not mastered how to drive a car or write an article.

There is so much growing up left for me to do, and whatever that threshold is, I do not think I am anywhere near it. Despite being 25 going on to 26, and having a lot of experiences that most people live their whole lives for, my actions sometimes replicate that of a 16 year old.

Am I too sheltered? Is it fear of responsibility? Is it fear of success?…These are questions I often ask myself.

Whatever growing up is, I am apparently a slow learner, and that is okay. But, maybe I need to pick up the pace, because while I take my time growing up, life is running laps around me.

Are you grown up?

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One Love,

Dave Anthony

Posted by:Dave Anthony

I am a Jamaican born Entrepreneur living in the United States. Adventurous, writer, weird, down to earth. Here I write about interesting stuff that educates, thrills and influences.

9 replies on “I Still Have Not Grown Up

  1. Growth development and spiritual realization are the marks of good and pure human being. Self-perfection is possible and as long as you keep the growth motivation within, you won’t stop growing and will attain it (self-perfection). By the way it is a journey (the growth never stops) not a final destination πŸ™‚ Peace bro. You/We are on the track!

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    1. I agree @ModernGox. Growth is important to one’s existence. If you are not growing then you are stagnant, which does not help you in any way. Thanks for commenting bro. Appreciate the love!


    1. Thanks @articulatewordss. Life is definitely all about growth and we never stop growing. Life is about creating yourself, not finding it, and the only way to create the best me is to continue growing. Appreciate you checking out my blog. I will return the favor.

      One Love

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          1. For me, growth is a most beautiful change it brings me closer to my goal, I feel alive when I tell myself that I want to grow. Like there are alot of things which I ain’t aware of, each day should count and make a lil change in me to make me grow! Its knowledge which can go deeper than you think it is. Keep getting better is growth. Let each day count. Feed your mind with whatever you like, I like to write poems, so I’m growing in it. I’m trying to become somebody by improving myself, I’m growing. Keep moving no matter how slow. I don’t want to stop. Nobody should stop. Become something beautiful by growing in what you love. Thats growth. Keep learning.

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            1. Well written answer. Growth is whatever you make it. It can be as simple as accepting responsibility for your decisions or your life, holding yourself accountable. Or learning and doing everything you can to get better in your career, relationships, spirituality or everyday life. Growth is a good thing because it opens up the mind and offers you lifelong experiences that will help you create your best self.

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