Jamaica, my homeland, is surrounded by warm, tropical waters. Hence, I have sat on a beach a few times in my life. Rough beaches, calm beaches, crystal blue beaches and murky beaches. I have only ever sat on a tropical beach in my homeland, until last year I sat on a beach, that was not surrounding Jamaica. It was a beach not too far away from my home country but in a land that spoke another language. I sat on a beach in the Dominican Republic.

Traveling to DR (in abbreviation) was my first trip to a country other than the United States or Jamaica. It came about through a great flight and hotel deal on Travelocity and offered an experience that I never had before. It opened up my eyes to a new way of life, being in a country that did not speak English as there first language, and to beaches somewhere other than Jamaica.

Even though the Dominican Republic sits just 470 miles from the island of One Love, its amazing how a step outside of your native borders can open your mind and give you a new lease on life. I moved from Jamaica to the US in 2011, and that was a major transition. I had never ventured outside of Jamaica in my 20 years of existence, and this move offered a life changing experience; but it came with a subtle thrill, since the US would be my new home.


Going to the Dominican Republic however, was nothing like moving to the US. It was a short four day trip, but it triggered a nerve of excitement, curiosity and intrigue that I never had before. What would it be like visiting a country that speaks a language I am not fluent in? What would the atmosphere be like? Would the people be friendly? Would the food be as good as Jamaica? Would they offer a tropical, laid back environment like back home? Would we get ripped off by money hungry locals? All of these questions went through my head.

But I went, and I sat on a beach.

And…it was normal. It felt like I belonged. It felt as if I should be there. It felt as if the world was my playground, and all I needed to do was play. It felt peaceful. I sat on a beach in another country and it gave me a new lease on life. It made me realize that life is too short to hold back, to be close minded, to not explore this beautiful world and to most of all, ask too many questions.

I sat on a beach and despite the incessant mosquito bites, I loved it!

Have you ever sat on a beach?

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One Love,

Dave Anthony

Posted by:Dave Anthony

I am a Jamaican born Entrepreneur living in the United States. Adventurous, writer, weird, down to earth. Here I write about interesting stuff that educates, thrills and influences.

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