We are trained to be consumers!

From the entry of our innocent minds into a tainted education system biased towards producing employees and consumers, you have been programmed to consume.

Here are 14 photos that highlight how crazy the notion of continuous consumerism is, and how it has made us prisoners to the matrix.

1. Maybe the next phase of our evolution is to become barcodes


2. Constant revamping of products has led to rampant waste, while people go hungry and scourge for food among garbage dumps


3. Credit card debt in America as of Feb. 2016 was at $941 billion and that amount is climbing every minute. We are making ourselves even bigger slaves to the system with every purchase.


4. Fuck what I said about consumerism being pushed on you when you enter the school system at 3 years old at the beginning of this article. We now see the need to start babies off much earlier, because they cannot wait to get their hands on the latest super absorbing pampers for $3.99 on Amazon.


5. The Pope should know a thing or two about the ills of consumerism. After all, he is made aware daily of the problems it causes being head of the Catholic church.


6. We have lost our privacy due to our need to be everywhere and anywhere. Google, Facebook and Amazon can sell us exactly what we need, when we need it, because we gave them permission to track our every move.


7. Obesity has been an ever growing problem since the age of television and computers. Not only have they made people lazy, but also creates the need to stuff one’s face and stomach apparently.

Childhood morbid obesity in Mexico

8. Waiting in lines in freezing temperatures for days on end for the latest gadgets. This just goes to show what sheep we have become. They create something and we clammer for it, showing our ever present need to find fulfillment in material stuff. Sad!


9. Not only are you risking meeting in a transit accident on your way to the store, but you may also die from being attacked while shopping in the store. Consumerism has made us angry, hostile and lustful.


10. Forget watching only one episode of Stranger Things at a time. Lame! If you cannot watch the whole season in a two day weekend, you are a big, fat loser. Accept it!


11. Sex? Cuddling? A tech free night? Woman, are you crazy? I have to stay up to catch the late night flight deals on Expedia. We can fuck tomorrow!


12. If you cannot decide, why not buy it all? Junk food is the go to for most people when they are hungry. While racking up the calories, fat and hydrogenated oils, we are also racking up the cost of our health care bills when that diabetes strikes.


13. Deals, deals, deals! We cannot leave anything on the table. $49.99 for a sneaker here, $12.69 for a pack of Hanes there. We only have two hands, but a bag per finger adds up to ten, so why not get them all!


14. Forget taking pics of sunsets on the beach, vlogging what you had for dinner or live videoing your shit this morning. If you are not scrambling off the top of a Hong Kong skyscraper, you can kiss those views and likes bye-bye!


It is so sad what capitalism has done to us. It has made us dumber, lazier, fatter, angrier, needier, hungrier and more wasteful. Of course we have to consume, but its time we start doing it responsibly. Not only should we consume, but also create, add back some value to the world for everything you are taking. Whether that be love, a smile or a new mobile app to help people exercise.

Just start doing more than consuming, please!

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One Love,

Dave Anthony

Posted by:Dave Anthony

I am a Jamaican born Entrepreneur living in the United States. Adventurous, writer, weird, down to earth. Here I write about interesting stuff that educates, thrills and influences.

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