I have only tried it once in my late teens, and it did nothing for me!

A short story…

Weed, scientifically called Marijuana/Cannabis has been a staple in many subcultures for decades now. Not only is it viewed as a vice that was criminalized during the “War on Drugs” era of the Nixon presidency in the United States; but in recent years has been somewhat freed from incarceration and is growing to become an icon in areas of rehabilitative medicine and a source of taxable income streams for governments.

Being from Jamaica (weed is also called “gan-ja” on the island), I am no stranger to the many elements, factions, and beliefs that accompany the weed business. Though Marijuana is not indigenous to Jamaica, the island has made it one of its prize possessions especially through its prominence in reggae and Rastafarian subcultures.

Herb is the healing of a nation, alcohol is the destruction

Bob Marley

Growing up on an island where weed can be found on every street corner, it was commonplace to see arrests, clampdowns, creation of laws, burning of fields, and protests in the fight for and against Marijuana. This tug of war is replicated in many countries over the world, partly because the illicit movement of these drugs are considered to be tied to gang warfare and other crimes, especially in lower income communities.

Colorado and Washington approve marijuana legalization

However, with the legalization of the herb in many countries like Holland (who has made it a hallmark of their identity)Β in recent decades, weed is on the rise. No longer is it considered to be a back door drug that should be traded under tables, but it has now taken center stage in world trade.

Despite laws being in a weed smokers favor in some US States and other countries nowadays, I don’t smoke because…

It does nothing for me. Maybe I did not puff write, inhale right, exhale right, whatever smokers do. But, I did not get the thrill that I expected, therefore I was not inclined to do it again.

Most people smoke to get a high. Whether that be a high to relax, meditate or connect with a higher being, it is used as a means to euphoria and peace of mind. I have realized however, that I do not need an external stimulant to achieve this. I have learnt that true peace and happiness can only be achieved through one’s innate mental ability to do so. We all have the ability to quiet the noise and find peace in any situation. I do not need weed to do that.

It becomes a habit. Despite no diseases or ailments (though this article lists some) being directly tied to weed smoking, and many users actually claim to achieving the opposite in health benefits, smoking is not a habit I would like to take up. No matter how you look at it, Β though it may be from a plant, it is being inhaled into your lungs. Since there is no definitive study regarding the reaction of your body to this plant; I choose to refrain.

Your lips get dark and your eyes yellow. I have seen hundreds, maybe thousands of weed smokers in my lifetime, and one of the commonalities I use to identify most of them are; dark lips and yellow eyes. If you smoke weed, chances are you are going to look like you smoke weed. I love my eyes being bright white and my lips light red. That is how I got them, and I would rather them stay that way.


You always smell like a tree. Even more so than the yellow eyes and the dark lips, the smell of it on your person even hours or days after use is not pleasant. It leaves your house, furniture and clothing smelling like you are always burning a weed farm. No matter how you try, it is one of the hardest smells to get rid of and the first identifier of an habitual weed smoker.

I am not a follower. Other than people who use weed for medical reasons, most smokers started using it because they felt pressured by peers or society whether consciously or subconsciously. There was that need to do it because everybody in high school was, or your boyfriend or girlfriend did it. I have never been a follower and do not succumb to the pressures of society, as I choose not be a sheep. However, for those who get drawn in by peer pressure, that pressure becomes a habit, and then others become emulators of their behavior causing a continuous cycle.

These are just some of the “stupid reasons” why I do not smoke weed. I know it might be an incoherent flow of unnecessary verbiage, but I thought I would just let you into my haphazard mind a bit (I swear I am not stoned as I write this). πŸ˜‰

Do you smoke weed?

One Love,

Dave Anthony




Posted by:Dave Anthony

I am a Jamaican born Entrepreneur living in the United States. Adventurous, writer, weird, down to earth. Here I write about interesting stuff that educates, thrills and influences.

12 replies on “Why I Don’t Smoke Weed

  1. I smoke. A lot. It helps me in more ways than one, but mostly to calm down and get to the root of my issues and regulate my moods. Every major breakthrough I’ve made in therapy/recovery was while smoking.

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  2. Dark lips and yellow eyes! Eeeek! No thanks!

    Weed – I can take or leave. If anything, it makes me want to take a nap…right there and then! If you can reach a relaxed state of being without it, there’s no need to smoke it. Plus, meditation is waaaaay better!

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  3. Beddren, who have you been hanging around?

    You can’t say weed did nothing for you because you only smoked it once. It’s like saying: school does nothing for me after the first week… different strains, different effects

    Your lips only get dark and your eyes yellow if you’re not generally healthy and if you live on weed. And again, different strains different effects.
    p.s. everything becomes a habit of you ain’t got no self control.

    I don’t smoke weed. My friend sells it though, he smokes it too and a by the looks of him, you would never know. Dude looks exactly like Wiz Khalifa.


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    1. We can agree to disagree @drewkiercey lol, but I think it does all the above as stated in the article based on personal experiences and things I’ve seen.

      …and Wiz Khalifa does look like he smokes a ton of weed, dude always looks high on something.

      Thanks for the comment and big up! One Love.


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