Talents are considered to be natural, innate, so why do we need to practice them for growth?

What is talent?

According to the dictionary it is described as a natural aptitude or skill. We are all born with innate qualities that differentiate us from other people. But, even so, we have to hone those crafts to become masters of them. Hence, talent in and of itself has no merit and here’s why…

True talent is harnessed through practice

Many of us have had things we could do from we were kids. Maybe we could sing, could read quicker than other kids, write well, draw well or play the piano. We were told we were talented, gifted, and special. We were led to believe that whatever we mastered as a child would become our life’s passion. That talent was a gift from God, something that would determine our destiny and fate in this world. After all, why would you be born with such a gift if it did would not reap you rewards in the long run?

Our childhood talents and hobbies sometimes turn into lifelong dreams and we harness these talents through hard work and practice over many years. When I was younger I loved drawing, as much as I loved reading. My parents and others told me how talented I was and that I may be an Artist one day. Needless to say, as I grew older that talent faded, and as I practiced less it became harder for me to draw as well as I used to.

Successful singers, musicians, photographers, motivational speakers, and many others acknowledged their talents from very young ages. They developed a love for this innate adoration, honed it and made it there life. Knowing that this is something they would pursue, they studied it, they practiced everyday, they found mentors, they attended concerts and art exhibitions, they lived their talent.

A talent without practice as with anything does not become perfect. It rots away and dies. A talent has to be nurtured to grow into something big, something meaningful. A talent is fundamentally a child, just like yourself. It is born inside you at the same time you leave your mother’s womb. It grows up with you and shows up throughout your childhood trying to nudge you down a path littered with all the trappings it has to offer. However, many times as we grow older we forget this talent, we leave it behind, locked away in our childhood bodies. We think of them as things of our past, something to talk about when we reminisce.

But then, there are the ones who answer the calling of that talent. The Beyonce’s who sang from they were 3 years old and made it their life paths. The Elon Musk’s who felt connected to computers from childhood and made it their life mission to understand them and build technologies around them. They practiced, worked hard, put in the hours, made sacrifices and built on that talent. If they hadn’t, they would not be the successful people we know today.

Hence, talent is a good thing, but it is nothing special. I think we are all born with some form of talent. Some of us acknowledge it early on and some of us may not until later on in life. Some of us may ignore it or forget it, but talent is innate. Despite that fact, without practice it is just another thing. It will never grow and its true potential will never be realized.

What are your talents and do you practice them?

One Love,

Dave Anthony

Posted by:Dave Anthony

I am a Jamaican born Entrepreneur living in the United States. Adventurous, writer, weird, down to earth. Here I write about interesting stuff that educates, thrills and influences.

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