You might not feel that way, you might not see the effects your efforts have on people’s lives or society at large. But it is making a difference somewhere out there.

We go to our jobs each day, underestimating the impact we are having on someone else’s life.

A little story

I have been working at a restaurant for the past few months to make ends meet. Needless to say it barely helps accomplish that. As my bi-weekly pay check is not enough to cover my most basic of expenses. Hence, it puts a strain on me mentally each week to come up with utility payments, rent and other miscellaneous items. But, despite the fact that I dislike the job, I have noticed one thing.

What I am doing makes a difference!

Over the weeks since I been working at this restaurant I have had people tell me I made their day, whether through a smile or how pleasant my personality was perceived. I have had people talk of my performance to the business owner, telling him I am an awesome employee. I have had elderly people admire me and greet me with a smile everyday they come in, call me by name and pat me on the back for the good work I am doing.

I must admit, deep down this makes me feel good and somewhat compensates for me hating the job. However, someone patting me on the back does not pay the bills or buy food.

So, how do I act as if what I am doing is making a difference?

I do this by looking at the bigger picture. For me, working at this restaurant is just a stepping stone to greater things. Within the time since working there I have been doing tons of research on my next entrepreneurial venture. So, I will not be in this job forever. Plus, as much as I dislike it, I have learnt a lot and seen many things that we were doing wrong in our restaurant business. Things that if we should start our restaurant again, would definitely not be repeated. Therefore, this job is serving its purpose whether I would like to admit it or not.

Point being…

Look at the bigger picture as to why you are doing that job, doing that online course, or waking up earlier than everyone else. Look at the impact your job, as mediocre as it might be, is having on your life and someone else’s. You would be surprised how much what you are doing means to another person, maybe a customer, a co-worker, or even your child. There is someone out there admiring how hard you work, the passion you put in even when its difficult, and the smile you struggle to make even when you are sad.

Acting like what you do makes a difference goes beyond working or schooling, but also includes parenting, charity, and other acts in which you give of yourself or make sacrifices. You are making a difference, and I hope it is a positive one. One that can be looked back at and learnt from, one that can change someone else’s life or even their day for the better. One that will make you feel fulfilled and happy. One that will make you live a life of peace and joy.

Do you act like what you do makes a difference?

One Love,

Dave Anthony

Posted by:Dave Anthony

I am a Jamaican born Entrepreneur living in the United States. Adventurous, writer, weird, down to earth. Here I write about interesting stuff that educates, thrills and influences.

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